FRAM Mod for Sega Saturn

Juni 4th, 2020

The internal BackupRam is battery powered via a changeable CR2032.

With this mod the Backup will never get lost during battery failure.

You have to replace IC 8 (here a PAL Board 837-12135 PX PD SATURN MAIN VA PAL SD)

with a RAMTRON FM1808-70S and lift Pin 22 and Pin 28. Solder the wires to the lifted pins

Pin 22 to GND
Pin 28 to 5V

and you are done :-)

fram_pal_RAMTRON FM1808-70S

fram_pal_RAMTRON FM1808-70S zoom

Universal Cartridge Stand for 8 peaces

Februar 27th, 2020

I found this nice looking 8Bit Cartridgestand @thingiverse

It can hold 8 peaces and I stretched it to fit for all kind of needed Console Cartridges I am using for testing when modding the consoles…





Ultimate PC Engine Super Grafx

Februar 27th, 2020

One to rule them all. Flagship of the PC-Engine Fleet -The Supergrafx.
A customer asked me if I can put a SSDS3 inside a Super Grafx and I loved the idea :-)

It holds enough space to put a complete SuperSDSystem3 inside.
Now its possible to have the complete PC Engine Software Library including all CDs in one unit and it looks like stock level.

Removing the original Extension Bus makes it easier to put all the wires to the SuperSDSystem 3.




A lot of wires needed


testing with original RGB Output from the SuperSDSystem3


Removing the original DIN A/V Connetor and replacing with a DIN 8.1 to make RGB
Output via the original A/V Port


a shieded cable to the A/V Port


and with the cover on the backside you see „nothing“.


We call it SuperSDSystem3 inside ;-)




Gradius III SA1 mod working on PAL SNES

Juni 26th, 2019

thanks to Vitor Vilea for the great Gradius III  port with use of the SA1 Chip.:-)
No its time to make it real. As I done SA1 mods before with a 3,3V Flash chip I used this way

you need:

1x AMS1117 3.3V voltage Regulator Low Drop SOT-223

1x 100nF kerko (yellow)

1x MX29L3211 Flash

1x AS6C1008-55SIN RAM (1M)

I patched the japanese Rom and duplicated it 8 times (not sure if needed).

copy /b g3jpsa1.bin + g3jpsa1.bin + g3jpsa1.bin + g3jpsa1.bin + g3jpsa1.bin + g3jpsa1.bin + g3jpsa1.bin + g3jpsa1.bin + g3jpsa1.bin 8g3jpsa1.bin

use Voltage Regulator with kerko and wire 3,3V to the 3 detached Pins of (33,23,1) MX29L3211


Remove original RAM and free the soldepads from green coat and place in AS6C1008-55SIN

u2 sram

and ready to go without any slowdowns….

optional RegionFix SA1 Cart working on PAL SNES

Lift Pin 127 (5V floating) of U3 SA1 for 50Hz PAL SNES (regionfix)


You can use a 28F1610 instead of the MX29L3211 3,3V Flash


Here you have only to lift pin1 and set pin 1 directly to 5V


8BitDo Wireless NeoGeo Arcade Stick

Mai 23rd, 2019

I used a SNES DIY Kit and put it into a original NeoGeo Arcade Stick.
And with my old led mod  it is a cool wireless device. Working on PC, SNES, Switch, XBOX One,PS3,PS4 with the 8Bitdo Adapters….

8bitdoneogeo (1)

a lot of wires…

8bitdoneogeo (4)

loading connector with led

8bitdoneogeo (7)

light up when pressing

8bitdoneogeo (6)

or all four leds permanent on

8bitdoneogeo (12)

gunlord wireless with neogeo stick :-)


Dreamcast battery replacement with socket

Mai 22nd, 2019

Easy going remove the old soldered Battery and replace it with a socket and one ML2032 Battery


dcbat (2)





some charging (only put the dreamcast on) and you are ready to go


N64 Advanced Installation

März 13th, 2019

thanks to borti4938, N64 RGB is reaching a new level.


Including deblur, wonderfull RGB Picture, OSD for configuring and more…
I used the new FPC Adapter (thanks to borti)

If you want a mod:

Here you can find some installation pics for a N64 jap  NUS-CPU-03 Board





Cutted Pin 3 and used C-Sync from RGB Advanced Borad


(some testing)



DIN 8 and Power from Super SD System 3

Juli 2nd, 2018

As I have open the Super SD System 3 for the Audiofix. I change the Mini Din A/V Connector to my common 8 Pin DIN connector, because I have a lot of consolse fitted with this same connector.


I am not a friend of cables from different sides of a console. So i put both RGB and Power supply in the back and have a nice looking PC-Engine Combo


Pinout RGB



The Powersupply +9V at the red wires GND at the black wires


I used a big diode to avoid wrong input voltage



Super SD System 3 Audio Fix

Juli 2nd, 2018

you can hear a lot of digital noise, when accession SD Card. This fix solve it and we have silence :-)
With the help of a single 10uF 10V Elko its done. Minus at the yellow Cap, Plus to the via


Speedy TDS Atari 1050 Mod

Juni 26th, 2018

Hi there,

I put a Speedy TDS into a Atari 1050 Diskdrive inspired from Wolfram Fischers Version

speedyTDS_1050 (17) speedyTDS_1050 (18) speedyTDS_1050 (10) speedyTDS_1050 (11) speedyTDS_1050 (13) speedyTDS_1050 (15) speedyTDS_1050 (14)